Lisioning for product testing

TVQS India Certification offers a full range of testing and certification services from research and development, pre-production, prototype, batch and audit to full compliance testing.

Our scope of testing services:

CE Marking (CE Mark) Compliance
Direct Product Testing

We provide test report for above services through NABL & BIS Approved Labs in India. Please visit our global site to find out more information about the product testing services we provide.

We offer to our clients, highly efficient consultancy services to enable them to meet NABL requirements. The concept of Laboratory Accreditation was developed to provide a means for third-party certification of the competence of laboratories to perform specific type(s) of testing and calibration. Laboratory Accreditation enhances customer confidence in accepting testing / calibration reports issued by accredited laboratories.

The NABL is an autonomous body that has been established under the guidance of Department of Science & Technology and Government of India. NABL provides certification on the basis of a laboratory's competence to perform specific testing & calibration thereby allowing customers to avail reliable services. Our team of experts carefully analyzes the business of the clients and offers exact consultancy services to fulfill NABL requirements.

The Product Testing process is associated with H/W and/or S/W releases which consists of the following steps:

→ The service starts by helping the Customer organization to define the testing strategy based on design specification, which results in a comprehensive Test Specification Document formally reviewed by the Customer. Test specification document outlines all features and application which have to be tested, what type of testing will be conducted during the test cycle and what type of hardware requires for testing. The possible hardware-software interactions and dependencies are identified during this step and result in separate or simultaneous test processes for selected areas in the hardware.
→ Direct product testing is independent testing carried out directly with manufacturers or end users. NABL Approved Labs can test against any published standard or client specification, including performance specifications or governing bodies.
→ Direct testing need not necessarily lead to certification, for instance, the CE marking or ISI Mark However, on completion of test work, we provide you with a detailed NABL Approved Lab Test Report.

The next step is to standardize the requirements into a series of Test Cases which typically numbers in hundreds or even thousands that exhaustively exercise field usage under normal and marginal situations. These test cases are collected in a Test Plan Document for Customer review and approval. Test plan document ensures the testing of the core functionality of the system and all its features as will be used when released to the field. Depending on the specific product functionality and customer requirements, the testing may be automated so that it results in a faster, repeatable process for future releases of the product software or it may be developed as a manual process.

Any possible anomaly detected in the execution of the Test Cases is documented and immediately relayed to the Customer's Design Organization for correction.

Test Reports: The final results after bug correction are collected in a reference document called Final Test Report.

Our scope of testing is:

→ All type of Electrical & Electronic Testing
→ All type of Machanical Testing
→ All type of EMC Testing
→ All type of Rubber\Product Testing
→ All Type of Cables Testing
→ All Type of Personal Protective Equipment Testing
→ All Type of Fire product Testing
→ All Type of Construction product Testing
→ All Type of CE Product Testing