BRC Certification

BRC Global Standard - Food is being adopted by food suppliers worldwide and especially those supplying to British retailers. Certification to the standard helps manufacturers, brand owners and retailers fulfill their legal obligations whilst ultimately safeguarding the consumer. The standard covers all areas of product safety and legality and addresses part of the due diligence requirements of the supplier and the retailer.

BRC/IoP Global Standard - Food Packaging and Other Packaging Materials provides a common basis for the certification of companies supplying packaging for food products to retailers.

The standard is particularly suitable for suppliers of food packaging materials to UK retailers, regardless of packaging material type or country of origin.

Benefits of BRC

→ Customers, employees, stockholders and competitors develop sustainable respect for an organization which demonstrates its commitment to food safety and/or packaging regulations.
→ Operating costs drop as rework reduces, efficiencies increase and non-compliance penalties reduce.
→ BRC is the most applicable standard for the food industry.
→ By achieving the BRC standard, the company reassures its customers that their product reaches the customer through a temperature controlled supply chain in consistently good condition.
→ As a result, retailers feel more confident in doing business with their suppliers.
→ The BRC drew up a standard for food and required all suppliers and food producers to comply with this standard.